Architectural Photographic Documentation

Wall panel text for the exhibit – Beverly Hills/Morgan Park Photographs by Mati Maldre at the Beverly Art Center for the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017

In by architectural documentation, I strive to maintain the intricate and delicate blend of fundamental documentation and the interpretive expression that reveals new appreciation and understanding of our man-made environment. I attempt to couple a firm respect for the subject’s integrity and the architect’s intent with a desire to produce an accurate photographic image with my 4×5/5×7 Deardorff view camera and a fine silver gelatin print.

I also felt it important to show the relationship of individual structures to one another and their landscape by expanding the traditional format by utilizing a panoramic format. Thus, my photographs, like the buildings and landscape they represent, are both art and science, both personal and practical. Through publication and exhibition, I hope to increase the public’s appreciation of the historic and significant architecture and the distinctive landscape in Beverly Hills/Morgan Park.

Selected photos

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